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Year of Abundance Calendar 2021-12

Abundant Thoughts Of Action Lead To An Abundant Life

Every action starts with a thought. From how early we wake up every morning, how late we go to bed every night, to how much effort we choose to invest in our relationships, business ideas, and duties. From how happy we choose to be to how we let circumstances change…

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Uncertainty Brings Excitement by Positive Affirmations

What Columbo Can Teach You About Living with Uncertainty

The most recent Stress in America Survey by the American Psychological Association found high levels of anxiety. More than 75% of Americans said uncertainty about health issues was a source of stress. One third also reported feeling stressed by financial uncertainty. At times like these, you might want a role…

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Optimism by Helen Keller 1772-Keller

11 Benefits of Optimism

Everyone falls somewhere on the sliding scale between pessimism and optimism. There are advantages to each, but on the average, optimism is a far better option. Optimism has so many benefits and can enhance your life in numerous ways. You might not consider yourself to be an optimistic person, but…

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Leadership Inspirational Quote by Tom Landry Inspirational Poster

Want to be More Charismatic? Learn These 4 Major Elements of Charisma

What is charisma? We know it when we see it, but it’s not quite that easy to describe. It’s a type of charm that inspires others to follow or adore you. Certainly, we’d all like to have more of it! While it does appear that a lucky few do all…

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Leadership by Tom Landry Inspirational Poster

Top 10 Personality Traits of Great Leaders

It’s not easy to be a great leader. Leadership requires a unique set of skills and personality traits. Few people are born great leaders, but everyone can maximize their leadership skills and qualities. Many of us want to be better leaders, but don’t know where to start. There are many…

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Start Each Day With Joy Inspirational Quote by Inspiring Thoughts

What Unicorns Can Teach You About Making Your Life More Magical

You may have seen headlines warning that society is approaching peak unicorn. Yes, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to hold onto your sense of wonder after you’ve posted your last unicorn image on Instagram. Fortunately, there are many ways to feel enchanted even when you’re…

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Do The Things You Cannot by Eleanor Roosevelt Inspirational Quote Poster

Destroy Insecurity and Take on the World

Destroy Insecurity and Take on the World Insecurity is perhaps the biggest roadblock to achieving your goals. If you lack confidence and certainty in yourself and your skills, you’ll never leave the starting line. Insecurity is the result of poor mental habits and giving too much power to others. With…

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New Way to Enjoy Exercise More

A Surprisingly Simple New Way to Enjoy Exercise More

Some adults love a tough workout, and others dread any activity more strenuous than washing their hair. Given that 80% of Americans fail to meet government guidelines for aerobic and strength training, it’s obvious that most of us fall into the second camp. A new study by the University of…

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Boost Your Self-Confidence in One Week

7 Habits – 7 Days: Boost Your Self-Confidence in One Week

The benefits of a healthy amount of self-confidence are many. When you’re self-assured, it’s easier to achieve your goals, others are naturally drawn toward your charisma, and you feel more comfortable in any situation. Life is easier with self-confidence. Do you wish you had greater self-confidence? Luckily, increased self-confidence is…

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Life Skills That Help You Age Well

5 Life Skills That Help You Age Well

Researchers at University College London identified 5 life skills that work together to promote wellbeing as we age. Before looking at the actual list, there are 3 major points to keep in mind: 1. These skills act in concert. You need each of them to be successful and happy. 2.…

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