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Definiteness of Purpose by W. Clement Stone

8 Ways to Find Deeper Meaning in Life

There’s more to life than just going to work, eating dinner, maintaining your home, and watching TV. Even people that are obsessed with their careers can feel like their life is flat and lacks real meaning. You might be lucky enough to find true meaning from your work, but most…

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Watch Your Actions For They Become Your Habits

14 Habits to Live a Wonderful Life

Positive habits are powerful tools. They allow you to accomplish meaningful tasks with little thought or motivation required. With the right set of habits, you can accomplish nearly anything and be on autopilot much of the time. Those people that put forth herculean effort are admired by our society. We…

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Do You Have A Purpose In Your Life

Do You Have A Purpose In Your Life?

Most people go through life without finding their true purpose. Our experiences, exposure, and environment often shape our world. When asked, little boys want to be exactly like their fathers and baby girls want to be as beautiful as their mothers. As we grow older, our exposure forges a path…

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Find Joy Inspirational Thought Graphic


Looking all around, all you see are people carrying the whole weight of the world on their shoulders. They are giving it their all to survive, it might not have been a choice but we all got the epiphany early enough that it was a necessity. To survive you had…

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How to Have the Best Year of Your Life

When was the last time you had a great year? What has been the best year of your life so far? This year can be different. You can have a great year without that much effort. You only need a new perspective and a plan. A few exciting goals and…

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Attitudes Are Contagious Inspirational Quote by Conrad Hilton

Top 10 Ways to Uplift Your Attitude and Enhance Your Life

When your attitude and outlook are positive, you feel good about your life. A poor attitude leads to poor results and misery. You might think that your attitude is dependent on the conditions in your life. That’s true if you permit it. You also have the choice to take responsibility…

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A Kindness Too Soon Inspirational Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why Practicing Random Acts of Kindness is a Smart Move

What is a random act of kindness? It’s doing something kind for someone without receiving any type of reward, reciprocation, or recognition. It could be shoveling your neighbor’s driveway while he sleeps or buying coffee for the next person in line. Random acts of kindness might seem like something that’s…

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Toughen Up! How Stoicism Can Help

Toughen Up! How Stoicism Can Help

Toughen Up! How Stoicism Can Help Are you stuck in your life? As a general word, stoicism is the endurance of pain or hardship without complaint or display of emotion. As a philosophy, Stoicism is much more. It was advocated by the most influential Greeks in history. It’s also enjoying…

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Door Of Happiness by Helen Keller Inspirational Quote Poster

How to Find Happiness Without Seeking It

It can easily be argued that every decision a person makes is in the pursuit of happiness. You might say, “Wait a minute. I go to a job I hate every day just so I can pay my bills and barely survive.” True, but you really think that going to…

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Wise Man

What Does Being Grateful Mean to You?

When was the last time you sat down and thought about what you have to be grateful for? Surprisingly it may have been awhile, but you are not alone. Gratefulness is often something that we take for granted, which is exactly why not many people pay attention to it. Let’s…

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