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The Secret To Being Assertive Without Being Aggressive

There are 3 basic communication styles. If you’re passive, you find it difficult to express your feelings and needs. If you’re aggressive, you tend to put your own interests ahead of others. If you’re assertive, you know how to advocate for yourself while respecting those around you. As you might…

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Do The Things You Cannot Inspirational Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt Inspirational Poster

Top 10 Ways to be More Assertive in Life

Assertiveness is that fine line between being aggressive and passive. Aggressiveness and passiveness can be advantageous at times, but an attitude of assertiveness is most often the most effective position to take. When you’re assertive, you’re willing to make your needs known and to take responsibility for your life. There…

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7 Signs That You're Not Assertive Enough

7 Signs That You’re Not Assertive Enough

7 Signs That You’re Not Assertive Enough Your parents may have raised you to be accommodating and to put the needs of others first. However, there’s a limit to how accommodating you can be without harming yourself. Eventually, you start to feel like others are taking advantage of you. At…

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Advantages of Assertiveness

9 Advantages of Assertiveness

Many of us find it hard to be assertive. Passivity is often viewed as a form of politeness. We’re raised to make others happy, even at our own expense. The other end of the spectrum has its own unique set of challenges. Aggression isn’t pleasing to others. Others are likely…

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Are You Being Assertive or Selfish? Discover the Difference

Are You Being Assertive or Selfish? Discover the Difference In the fine art of finesse, you get much better results when others perceive you as being assertive rather than selfish. Either way, you’re letting others know what you want or need, so why is there such a difference? Assertiveness is…

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How to Grow a Backbone

How to Grow a Backbone Do you feel as if everyone is taking advantage of your good nature? Do you think they would still do it if you were more assertive? Becoming more assertive is a goal that many of us want to achieve. We feel disrespected and we want…

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