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Sound Healing Inspirational Ebook
Sound Healing


You may have seen one of the many sound healing centers that have been popping up all over the place over the last several years. However, the use of sound for the purpose of healing and soothing has been going on for thousands of years.

In fact, the first musical instruments have been dated as far back as 43,000 years ago. There’s evidence of sound being used for therapeutic purposes in Egyptian temples.

Hippocrates was playing music for psychiatric patients as early as 400 B.C. Plato stated that music could influence the emotions and character of a person. Aristotle believed that music could purify the emotions.

The use of sound is now believed to be able to do much more than just benefit the emotional state of a person. There are real physical and psychological benefits to be gained from sound healing.

You’re probably more familiar with Music Therapy than you are with Sound Healing. Are they the same thing?

Music therapy and sound healing are closely related, but they are not precisely the same thing. Music therapy is well-established in the Western world, while sound healing is in an earlier stage of development in this part of the world.

What You’ll Discover

Even though this specific type of therapy is fairly new to the Western world, you’ll get to explore many facts, processes, and action steps in this eBook to enable you to take advantage of sound healing, such as:

    1. Benefits of Sound Healing. Including alleviating PTSD, stress, pain, depression, anxiety, and more.

    2. How Sound Healing Works

    3. 9 Ways to Experience Sound Healing. Including Tibetan singing bowls, harp, drums, tuning forks, guitar, piano, flute, recordings, and electronically generated tones.
    ● Plus: Generating vibrations with your voice. Including chanting, toning, and humming.

    4. How to Perform Sound Healing. Step by step methods to use toning, humming, drumming, tuning forks, and recordings for sound healing.

As you’ll see, you can receive many physical and emotional benefits from sound healing by learning these easy processes yourself! Enjoy!

B] What You Will Get

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    » Sound Healing E-book
        (Include 41-page Main E-book and a 5-page Worksheet in PDF)


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