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Realize Your Own Strength by Susan Gale 1725-Gale

A Foolproof Formula for Personal Energy Management

You can find loads of apps and advice online for managing your time and projects, but what about your energy levels? Preventing fatigue is essential if you want to stay productive and enjoy the activities you love. Many lifestyle choices can revitalize you or drain you. Getting adequate sleep may…

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Your Own Strength Inspirational Quote by Susan Gale Inspirational Poster

How to Identify and Address Your Weaknesses

Dealing with weaknesses is a challenging task for most of us. We instinctively don’t want to think about our weaknesses or deal with them. It feels easier to just accept that we’re not good at something and then avoid it. This isn’t a very fulfilling way to live. You leave…

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Creativity Type Of Learning Process Inspirational Quote by Arthur Koestler Inspirational Poster

8 Ways to Tap Into Your Creativity

Everyone has the capacity to be creative. It’s one of our greatest strengths as humans. Some people have a greater gift for creativity that others, but you’ll never know how creative you can be unless you take steps to maximize it. It’s easy to understand what it takes to become…

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Extraordinary Achievement Inspirational Quote by Matt Biondi

The Power of Persistence: You Can’t Succeed Without It

We’d all like life to be easier. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s not. The fact that bigger successes are so challenging limits your competition in life. Most people would rather order a pizza and watch a movie from the couch. There aren’t many people with the willingness to work consistently on…

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Making An Impact Inspirational Quote by Kevin Kruse

The Secret to Finding Yourself

Trying to find yourself has gotten a mixed reputation. It can be a convenient excuse when you want to break up with someone without mentioning the real reasons. It can also be a diversion from accepting responsibilities, like doing your share of household chores or getting a job. On the…

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14 Strategies You Can Use Today to Claim Your True Power

14 Strategies You Can Use Today to Claim Your True Power

Personal power is about your character and accomplishments. It’s the result of who you are and what you do. When you learn how to unlock your personal power, you can achieve your goals and lead a more meaningful life. You’ll also find it easier to influence others and take on…

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Starts With Peace Of Mind by Positive Affirmations Inspirational Quote Poster

A Foolproof Formula for Exercising Stiffness Away

It may sound ironic, but it’s a fact that exercise can be the cure or the cause of stiffness. You may have noticed that for yourself. Maybe you wake up one morning barely able to move after an intense session at the gym the day before. On the other hand,…

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Extraordinary Destiny by C.S. Lewis Inspirational Quote Poster

7 Strategies That Help You Reach Your Full Potential

Have you failed to capitalize on the vast reservoir of potential that you believe is lurking within you? Are you willing to see how far you can go? There are many variables, and the odds are against giving maximal effort each day. However, it can be interesting to see what…

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You Were Meant To Do by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Inspirational Quote Poster

5 Steps to Leverage Your Strengths

5 Steps to Leverage Your Strengths You have strengths and weaknesses, just like every other person in the world. But few people intentionally take advantage of their strengths. Imagine the impact you could have on your life and the lives of others by leveraging your strengths. There are many advantages…

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13 Ways to Recharge Without Taking a Vacation Personal Development Article by Personal Development Blog

13 Ways to Recharge Without Taking a Vacation

13 Ways to Recharge Without Taking a Vacation If you’re like most working adults, chances are you’re shortchanging yourself on vacation days. In today’s growing gig economy, many professionals have no vacation benefits. Even if you have a traditional staff position, you may feel like your boss discourages you from…

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