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Do The Things You Cannot Inspirational Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt Inspirational Poster

Top 10 Ways to be More Assertive in Life

Assertiveness is that fine line between being aggressive and passive. Aggressiveness and passiveness can be advantageous at times, but an attitude of assertiveness is most often the most effective position to take. When you’re assertive, you’re willing to make your needs known and to take responsibility for your life. There…

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The Mind Can Achieve Inspirational Quote by Napoleon Hill Inspirational Poster

Break Through Your Limits and Attain Greater Success

Along any self-development journey, it eventually becomes obvious that the biggest enemy you have is yourself. Between your limiting beliefs and negative habits, there really isn’t anyone in your way besides yourself. We often ask too little of ourselves and doubt our ability to succeed in the future based on…

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Success Breeds Confidence Inspirational Quote by Beryl Markham

Break Free From Your Need to be Codependent

Many codependents don’t even realize they’re codependent. Do you rely on your partner’s approval for a sense of self-worth and identity? If so, you might be codependent. Here are some more signs: There is often extreme sacrifice to satisfy the needs of your partner. If you’re clingy or feel insufficient…

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Become What I Might Be Inspirational Quote by Lao Tzu

15 Ways to Develop Yourself

Rather than just spending your free time trying to amuse yourself, put that time to good use. To fully reach your potential, it’s important to spend some time each day furthering your development. A few minutes each day can yield great rewards over the years. Everyone else is wasting their…

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7 Tips for Improving Your Self-Improvement Efforts

7 Tips for Improving Your Self-Improvement Efforts

There’s no shortage of self-improvement books, courses, manuals, videos, and ideas. The information needed to become fit, wealthy, healthy, famous, confident, and likeable is readily available. The challenge isn’t information. It’s implementation. It’s frustrating to feel that everything you need to know is available, yet you still can’t make the…

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The Curious Path to Greater Self-Knowledge

The Curious Path to Greater Self-Knowledge How well do you really know yourself? It’s not just a question for philosophers and psychologists. If you want to learn and grow, it’s important to understand your abilities and passions. Modern life is full of distractions, but it’s worth the effort to check…

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How to Reframe Self Critical Thoughts Ebook

This month, we bring you our Personal Development Blog Ebook of The Month:     “How to Reframe Self Critical Thoughts and Boost Your Self-Esteem“   Thank you for checking out this month’s inspiring personal development ebook, “How to Reframe Self Critical Thoughts and Boost Your Self-Esteem“. For more inspiring ebooks,…

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Power of Self-Care to Fight Stress

Discover the Power of Self-Care to Fight Stress

Chronic stress and anxiety can wear you out. However, self-care can be a powerful remedy that restores your mind and body. Try these self-care techniques to find relief for your stress: 1. Make your health a priority. You may have stress coming from multiple directions such as work, school, family,…

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Relationships That Make Me Happy by by Inspiring Thoughts Inspirational Quote Poster

7 Ways to Cure Your People-Pleasing Tendencies

Are you a people-pleaser? Do you try to help everyone at the expense of your own needs? Do you try to make others happy as a means of avoiding confrontation? Do you feel guilt when you put yourself first? If so, you’re a people pleaser. Trying to make others happy…

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