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Find Inner Balance in a Hyper-Connected World

5 Ways to Find Inner Balance in a Hyper-Connected World

The modern world is always on. From phones that never stop ringing to email inboxes flooded with messages, it’s hard to find peace. You’re overwhelmed, tired, and trying to keep up. Fortunately, there’s a better way to find balance in your life. Try these strategies to coexist with technology and…

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How to Teach Your Child Peacemaking Skills

How to Teach Your Child Peacemaking Skills As parents, we have an amazing privilege and responsibility to the world and our children. The things we model and teach our children will take many years, and last them through their lifetime. Even after they are gone, the legacy they leave will…

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What Are Character Strengths?

What Are Character Strengths? Character is the basis of all that makes us who we are. Good character is a general term for someone who displays the qualities that makes someone what is considered to be a “good person.” But what are some of the specific character strengths? Here are…

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The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness You may have times when you’ve been hurt or feel angry toward someone close to you. They may have said something that devastated you or performed some behavior without thinking that triggered feelings of frustration and anger. And yet you still hope to include them in…

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True Love Lights Up My Life

The Glamping Solution for More Energy, Peace and Love

The Glamping Solution for More Energy, Peace, and Love “True Love,Lights Up My Life.“ – Positive Affirmation What is glamping? Glamping is an upscale version of camping for people who want to connect with each other and nature without worrying about mosquito bites. It combines all the fun of spending…

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healthy relationship boundaries ebook 300x420

Healthy Relationship Boundaries Ebook

This month, we bring you our Personal Development Blog Ebook of The Month: “Set Yourself Free with Healthy Relationship Boundaries”   Thank you for checking out this month’s personal development ebook. Click on inspiring ebooks for more.   “Every healthy marriage is composed of walls and windows. The windows are…

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The Prayer Book

[wpgfxm_headlines font=”Impact” size=”18px” color=”#FF1605″ shadow=”none” decor=”none” style=”normal” weight=”bold” align=”center” spacing=”normal” lineheight=”120%”]“Learn Various Aspects Of Prayer And How You Can Use Prayer To Help You Create The Life You Desire.” [/wpgfxm_headlines]   Prayer has always been a priority for the spiritually aware, regardless of their religion, and today in the increasing…

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Tips for Managing Your Anger

Tips for Managing Your Anger Everyone gets angry. It’s just a part of life. However, you can teach yourself effective ways to manage your anger so you can release it in a healthy manner. When you let your anger boil inside of you, it could end up coming out in…

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How to Develop More Patience

How to Develop More Patience When you gain the wisdom of patience, you can improve your life as well as the lives of the people around you. Not only that, but you’ll also become a calmer and peaceful person. You might find that you’re patient in some areas, and lacking…

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How to Develop a Prosperity Mindset

How to Develop a Prosperity Mindset Having a prosperity mindset is a key factor in reaching your financial goals. It keeps you on track toward your goals regardless of any challenges you encounter along the way. These strategies below will help you foster a prosperity mindset that can enable you…

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