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People Spend Money They Earned 1923-Rogers

A Lucrative Guide to Creating a Wealth Mindset

Without a wealth mindset, it’s unlikely that you’ll do the things necessary to build and preserve wealth. A wealth mindset is necessary, but insufficient on its own. However, a wealth mindset creates the potential to change your financial life in a big way. Your mindset is a starting point. Most…

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What You Do Today Inspirational Quote by Ralph Marston

How to Negotiate With Your Subconscious

You might think that you want to be wealthy, slender, and find the person of your dreams. But down deep, there could be a part of you that has other ideas. Your subconscious has the job of keeping you safe, regardless of how much grief it might cause you. While…

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Love Keeps Me Committed by Positive Affirmations Inspirational Quote Poster

Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Making a Commitment

Have you had an open discussion with your partner about important life questions? Their answers can teach you more about your partner and their dreams and goals. Even better, these discussions can help you clarify your own desires and determine if you each want the same things out of life.…

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Five Steps to Building a Spending Plan

Five Steps to Building a Spending Plan A well thought-out spending plan is essential for financial success. Without a spending plan, your money is not likely to make it where you want it to end up. Building a spending plan doesn’t have to be a complicated matter, and there are…

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Prosperity Surrounds Me

When I wake up in the morning, I see what is all around me and I feel prosperous. I live in a home that I have made my own. My favorite books are stacked nearby. My change jar sits atop the bedroom dresser. Even though it contains only pennies, nickels,…

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Learn to Handle Salary Discussions With Confidence

Learn to Handle Salary Discussions With Confidence The most challenging part of a job interview for many candidates is the question of salary. Being able to discuss money matters with confidence will help you get the compensation you want and may even improve your job satisfaction. These are some steps…

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5 Vital Qualifications Every Employer Seeks in Applicants

5 Vital Qualifications Every Employer Seeks in Applicants Sometimes, it may seem as if the odds are against you when applying for a job. While it’s true that you’re likely up against stiff competition when interviewing for a position, know that there is a fulfilling place for you in the…

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Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Your Children

Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Your Children Deep down, nearly every one of us wants to be an entrepreneur. However, forgoing your weekly paycheck to follow your true passion takes lots of self-confidence. Many of us lack that confidence. Therefore, a great portion of our lives may be spent working to build…

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