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Leadership by Tom Landry Inspirational Poster

Top 10 Personality Traits of Great Leaders

It’s not easy to be a great leader. Leadership requires a unique set of skills and personality traits. Few people are born great leaders, but everyone can maximize their leadership skills and qualities. Many of us want to be better leaders, but don’t know where to start. There are many…

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Success Breeds Confidence Inspirational Quote by Beryl Markham

Break Free From Your Need to be Codependent

Many codependents don’t even realize they’re codependent. Do you rely on your partner’s approval for a sense of self-worth and identity? If so, you might be codependent. Here are some more signs: There is often extreme sacrifice to satisfy the needs of your partner. If you’re clingy or feel insufficient…

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True Friend by Bernard Meltzer Inspirational Quote Poster

Top Secrets to Healing After Betrayal

There’s just no way around it: betrayals hurt. Whether you’ve been betrayed by a partner or a friend, it’s difficult to recover. The good news is, however, that there are things you can do to help speed up your recovery so you can move on with your life and even…

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What Are Character Strengths?

What Are Character Strengths? Character is the basis of all that makes us who we are. Good character is a general term for someone who displays the qualities that makes someone what is considered to be a “good person.” But what are some of the specific character strengths? Here are…

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