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How to Train Like an Athlete in Pursuit of Your Goals

Do you know the difference between training and exercise? Here it is, in its simplest terms: Athletes train. The average person (this is most of us) exercises. Training is the conscious act of working through a pre-developed workout program with an end goal of achieving something. For example, an athlete…

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How to Solve Big Challenges

  Life comes with challenges. How you handle challenges says a lot about your life. Big challenges can be especially intimidating. Many people feel overwhelmed when faced with adversity, but this is unnecessary. All challenges, both big and small, can be handled with the same basic strategy. When you feel…

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11 Quick Tips to Add Hours to Your Day

  You can’t wave a magic wand and make the day longer. But there are things you can do to save time. And there are things you can do to maximize what you accomplish with your time. In essence, you can add hours to your day. This will require a…

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The Struggle Can Be the Reward

  The average person avoids challenge like he’s avoiding the plague. Struggling isn’t enjoyable, so it’s natural to avoid it as much as possible. There’s an issue with this strategy: There’s a lot to be gained from struggling. There are many aspects to humans that are anti-fragile, meaning that stress…

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How to Handle Life’s Most Common Frustrations

Life can feel like one frustration after another. Most of the frustrations you deal with are dealt with by everyone. Being human is largely a universal experience, so there are plenty of ideas floating around about how to deal with the frustrations that frequently appear in life. While all frustrations…

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An Easy Way to Get to Know Yourself

Odds are that you don’t know yourself that well. You don’t know the darkest parts of yourself, though you instinctively know they exist. You avoid knowing yourself, because the idea of it is just too uncomfortable. Whenever you’re faced directly with yourself, you retreat. You retreat by playing on your…

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What To Do When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Having a little trouble making a decision? This is a common challenge, especially when dealing with big decisions. You don’t want to make the wrong choice and so you tie yourself up in knots trying to make the best possible decision. It turns out that the most successful people make…

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Which Obstacle to Change is Holding You Back?

Change occurs naturally, but it can be difficult to keep it flowing in the direction you want. According to some estimates, 80% of New Year resolutions fail. When it comes to losing weight, more than 95% of dieters regain the weight they lost within three years. Even if you sincerely…

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How to Identify and Address Your Weaknesses

Dealing with weaknesses is a challenging task for most of us. We instinctively don’t want to think about our weaknesses or deal with them. It feels easier to just accept that we’re not good at something and then avoid it. This isn’t a very fulfilling way to live. You leave…

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Top 10 Ways to be More Assertive in Life

Assertiveness is that fine line between being aggressive and passive. Aggressiveness and passiveness can be advantageous at times, but an attitude of assertiveness is most often the most effective position to take. When you’re assertive, you’re willing to make your needs known and to take responsibility for your life. There…

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