I am expanding my capacity for JOY

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I am expanding my capacity for JOY.

I know I create my own reality, so why not create a joyful one? I say “yes” to JOY.

I choose to see what is joyful around me. I enjoy seeing baby animals in the Springtime. I laugh when I see a baby giggle. I can create a more joy-filled life. It is up to me.

I now take this opportunity to see the joy in all things. I even laugh at my own mistakes. I create a sense of humor. I listen to funny jokes.

I see the humor in everything. I start to laugh more. I expose myself to more comedy. I watch humorous movies. I surround myself with people who laugh a lot.

I find ways to bring in more joy. I whistle at work. I hum a happy tune. I cuddle with my pets.

I listen carefully to my thoughts. I turn any negative thoughts into positive ones.

I look for ways to make life more fun. I play tricks on my partner. I wear silly socks. I realize life can be more fun.

I realize that there are plenty of things to be serious about, and that is why I counter all the seriousness with some humor and laughter.

Today, I give myself permission to laugh. I smile more. I see the world through the eyes of joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I bring more joy to the world?
2. What do I need to do for myself to expand my capacity for joy?
3. Where in my community can I bring more happiness and joy?






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