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Fitness Fun with Your Family

Fitness Fun with Your Family

Marriage and Family: Love Unveiled by Dr. Scott Hahn

How fit would you say your family is? Does everyone spend too much time playing computer games or watching TV? Sadly the average child today spends almost 30 hours per week playing games and watching TV. Did you know that fitness can help create tighter bonds within your family, resulting in a much happier one?

Doing some type of family fitness activity allows everyone to spend some fun time together. As the parent you need to have the intuition to start some type of family fitness routine. Maybe, you need to lose a few pounds so you could enlist the help of your kids to keep you company on your walks or bike ride.

Family fitness doesn’t have to be a strict fitness type activity either. You don’t have to take up training for a 5K or start working out with weights. Try to come up with something that is fun for the entire family. This might be going for a family hike to see some scenic waterfalls. Or you could start playing basketball or soccer together.

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When choosing a fitness activity make sure that it is one that every family member can take part in. If you have small kids you could set up an obstacle course in your backyard. Just have easier hurdles for them to tackle. Summer time is great for water games and guns and for jumping rope.

Your kids will be more likely to join your new activity if it is a fun one. How about suggesting that you go swimming down at the lake in the summer? Or go garage sale shopping for new bikes for everyone. Even a family camping trip is exercise!

Toddlers and babies enjoy fitness too and you can easily find classes where you can take them with you. Small children love to dance and jump around, and at least this gets them active and enjoying themselves.

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If your children are older they might enjoy playing a game of tennis or volleyball. Or you might consider enrolling everyone in golf or self-defense lessons.

Family fitness does not have to be rigid. It can be a fun time for everyone involved. Why not let each family member choose an activity to do each week? This way no-one is left out and you all get to try lots of new activities. So what fitness activity are you going to do this weekend with your family?

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