Children and Happiness

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Most children seem to be happy all the time. They delight in the smallest pleasures and it is so easy to put a smile on their faces.

So what does the word ‘happiness’ really mean?

Happiness can be defined as being in a mental or emotional state of well being. The characteristics of this are when you feel pleasure, contentment and joy. This would explain why children feel happy so easily. They enjoy simple things like reading a book with their mom and dad or helping make dinner. Or just dancing to music or visiting their grandparents.

Children are easy to please but they need to be in the right surroundings. Children who are raised in poverty or treated with cruelty are not going to be happy people. Instead they will grow up hating or fearing the world and having a deep mistrust for other people.

A study was performed in 2005 by Andrew Steptow and Michael Marmot which showed that happiness and health have a direct correlation. This applies to both adults and children. The report showed that happy people lived 14% longer than those who were not happy.

Children and Happiness | Personal Development Blog Article
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Raising a happy child is important then and as a parent you have the responsibility to ensure that your child is happy and enjoying life. Normally it is fairly easy to see when your child is upset, but not always.

Changes in behavior often mean that something is wrong and it may take a while for your child to open up and talk to you. One of the most common reasons for behavioral changes in school aged children is due to bullies.

There have been instances when teenagers and younger children have committed suicide because of a bullying issue. So if you are concerned about your child make a point of talking to them and get to the bottom of the situation.

As a busy parent you should make time to do things with your children. This includes simple things like having a movie night where your kids get to choose the movies. Or a dinner date when someone picks what to have for dinner and helps you make it.

Doing things to make your children happy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. As we mentioned simple things such as get togethers with family or friends are enough. Many children just want to spend more time with their parents and have some alone or special time together. This is simple enough to achieve, isn’t it?

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